Information about roof styles

There are many different roof styles. However, many think that there are only several styles of roofs available such as flat roofs and pitched roofs. However, there are many more styles such as the Mansard roof. The Mansard roof has four slopes, two on each side of the home. This is a French style that allows for additional living or storage space at the top of the house. 

Then, there is the Gambrel roof. The Gambrel roof has vertical gable ends and the roof itself hangs over the fa├žade of a home. This style  originated in France. The Saltbox roof is another type and has an interesting and unique look. It has an asymmetrical long pitched roof with one very long side and one short side. Please visit this website for more information.

To conclude, there are many styles and shapes of roofs. Roofs are important because like our skin, they are the first defense against all kinds of weather. Look over the various styles of roofs and then choose one that best fits your individual needs and requirements.